The Value of Garbage

The Man Who Never Threw Anything Away II

#kamworkshops2011 | by Ilia Kabakov, 1977:

"An enormous past rises up behind these crates, vials and sacks; all forms of packaging which were ever needed by man have not lost their shape, they did not become something dead when they were discarded. They cry out about a past life, they preserve it…

It’s hard to say what kind of image this is… maybe an image of some sort of camp when everything is doomed to perish but still struggles to live; maybe its an image of a certain civilization slowly sinking under the pressure of unknown cataclysms, but in which nevertheless some sort of events are taking place. The feeling of vast, cosmic existence ecnompasses a person at these dumps…

…But stiil why does the dump and its image summon my imagination over and over again, why do I always return to it? Because I feel that man, living in our region, is simply suffocating in his own life among the garbage since there is nowhere to take it, nowhere to sweep it out - we have lost the border between garbage and non-garbage space. Everything is covered up, littered with garbage - our homes, streets, cities. We have no place to discard all this - it remains near us.”

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